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Shannon Mercer joins group of 27 and conductor Eric Paetkau in a programme for Centaur Records featuring Berlioz’s Les Nuits d’été and Norbert Palej’s two works, The Poet and the War, and Rorate Coeli.

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Shannon Mercer, soprano
group of 27
Eric Paetkau, conductor

Release date: February 2013 Centaur Records
Album ID: CE 3239

“This is a fantastic debut album by one of Toronto classical treasures, soprano Shannon Mercer, teaming up with one of the city’s greatest secrets, the Group of 27 chamber orchestra. Made up of some of our best players, this group can only get together when everyone is free at the same time, which isn’t often. Their conductor, Eric Paetkau, leads a warm and luminous reading of Hector Berlioz’s six-song cycle Les Nuits d’été (Summer Nights), orchestrated in 1856. Mercer shapes long, arching melodies with the unforced ease of someone sipping their second Long Island iced tea. This is a pool of song one wants to swim around in for hours.” (John Terauds, Toronto Star, 25 February 2013)

“I was immediately captivated by Mercer’s singing and could not stop listening or write a single word of comment until the entire cycle was finished. Yes, she’s that good. This is the work of a master artist.
In some places, it’s almost difficult to realize that it is only being played by 27 musicians, so full and rich are the textures, and Paetkau shows how good he is in shaping and pacing this music.
In short, this is a “must-get” item if you are a fan of Les nuits d’été, modern music in a lyrical vein, or just plain outstanding performance quality. With this disc, Shannon Mercer shoots to near the top of sopranos I will be on the lookout for in the future, and Paetkau a conductor I’ll make note of as well.”
(Fanfare, Lynn René Bayley, February 2013)

“This CD introduced me to Eric Paetkau, group of twenty-seven, Shannon Mercer, and Norbert Palej. I am
looking forward to my next encounter with any of them, or with all of them together, and I hope I do not
have to wait too long. This is Want List material.”
(Fanfare, Raymond Tuttle, July 2013)



Nadina Mackie Jackson, bassoon, and Guy Few, trumpet,  join group of 27 and conductor Eric Paetkau in an all Canadian programme with works by Mathieu Lussier, Glenn Buhr, and Michael Occhipinti on the Canadian Concerto Project, Volume One.

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Nadina Mackie Jackson, bassoon
Guy Few, trumpet
group of 27
Eric Paetkau, conductor

Release date: March 2013 MSR Classics
Album ID: MS1480

The Canadian Concerto Project was named Canadian Album of the Year (2013) by Mark Turner, host of Classical Connection on CFCR 90.5FM. Also, “and man will only grieve if he believes the sun stands still” by Glenn Buhr was named best composition of the 2013.